Happy Hearts Pet Services​​

                                                                               Our Mission 

Provide professional animal services to accommodate your busy schedule. It is our highest priority to treat your pet not only with love and care, but also like a member of our family. You will never have to worry about your pet feeling lonely or unhappy. We are here to provide a great experience for your pet and you. We will ensure you that with our services you and your 4 legged, 2 legged or no legged child will feel safe, happy and never have to worry about being alone for extended periods of time. It is also our mission to provide you with the most affordable rates in your area and best care for your non human children.

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We are a family owned business , mother and daughter working together to provide the best care offered in your area. We are a small busniess and we  dedicate our time focusing on our clients  and their needs . As  animal owners ourselves, we understand the needs of all animal parents.  Our background with animal care goes back decades. . We have both decided to have a career change and focus on what we love to do the most and thats caring for animals . We hope one day to open our own non profit animal shelter for all kinds of animals in need of love , care  and new homes. Also , every month a percentage of  our proceeds will go to a No-kill animal shelter to help those animals in need and that are still looking for their forever home. 


Happy Hearts Pet Services will not be held responsible or liable for any animal behavior changes that could occur during care. Animal behavior can change at any time which could result in injuries to the animal, animals or caregiver  . If the client's  animal have/had  behavioral problems, the client is to advice Happy Hearts Pet Services of such behavior during the consultation visit . Our goal is to keep everyone safe and happy during our visits. Also, clients will not be held responsible for any injury that occurs to the caregiver during care if animal is not at fault.

                                                                Up to Date With  Vaccinations:
We highly recomend that all pets are up to date with  vaccinations  before service begins. Its the owners responsabilty to obtain and maintain vaccinations and immunizations.

                                                         Emergency Contact 

We all know that weather can change at any time and can make roads dangerous for everyone . In case of severe weather , we recommend that all clients provide at least one emergency contact name and  number that Happy Hearts Pet Services can contact in case of the caregiver not being able to  make it to the appoinment due to the weather and unsafe roads. We will always try our best to make it to the clients home, but safety comes first.