Happy Hearts Pet Services​​

                                                                               Our Mission 

Provide professional animal services to accommodate your busy schedule. It is our highest priority to treat your pet not only with love and care, but also like a member of our family. You will never have to worry about your pet feeling lonely or unhappy. We are here to provide a great experience for your pet and you. We will ensure you that with our services you and your 4 legged, 2 legged or no legged child will feel safe, happy and never have to worry about being alone for extended periods of time. It is also our mission to provide you with the most affordable rates in your area and best care for your non human children.

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Prior to your departure we will make a free appointment to meet with you and your pets so we can get to know each other and to determine that all parties are comfortable with the arrangements. At this time, we will go over details, receive instructions and decide which services best suit your needs. We will also complete a service agreement and pick up a key.

                                             Visit Rates :
                                                              $15  Per Visit ( 30-60 Min Visit )
                                                              $22 Two Visits a Day ( 30-60 Min Visits )

 Note : If you require more than 2 visits a day , a daily custom rate might be more affortable. Let us know your needs and we will work with you to provide you with the most affortable rates.

                                                        During our visit(s) We will:
                                                              Feed and provide fresh water 
                                                                    Walk/exercise your pets
                                                                               Play time
                                                         Assisting with Medications  ( additional $5.00 for this service)
                                                                               Cage Cleaning
                                                                         Litter Boc Cleaning 

                                                                                          Other Services:
                                                             Bathing : $ 25.00-$60.00 ( all depends on size of pet)
                                                                             Nail Clipping: $5.00
                                                                            Teeth cleaning : $5.00
                Cage or Tank cleaning : $10.00 - $30.00 ( Depends on size of cage or tank)

       Pet Taxi : Rates start at:  $20.00 ( Daycare Pick Up , Vet Visit, Grooming Appointments, Etc.)
       Vacuuming Services : $25.00 and Up ( Depending on size of home and request )

 Note: other services will add an extra charge to daily  rates.

                                                    Holiday Rates: $8 additional charge to each visit:
                                                                          New Years Eve/Day
                                                                             Memorial Day
                                                                          Independence Day
                                                                                Labor Day
                                                                          Thanksgiving Day
                                                                         Christmas Eve/Day

Rates for all day sitting ,  for in-home care or caregiver's home are also available upon request, based on 6-12 hour days.
Rate are subject to change if it falls on a holiday or have 3+ pets.

                      In Home Services And Boarding:
Our Services provides in-home pet care and boarding care . Your pets can remain in the comfort of their own home and maintain their routine. That means less stress for you and your pet. We also offer boarding.

                                           Overnight In-Home Sits:

An overnight sit is from approximately 8:00 pm till 7:30-8:00  am the next morning. Different  hours can be arranged. 

Dogs - $40.00 includes evening and morning walk, feeding, medicine administration, playing, lots of cuddles and kisses.

Cats - $30.00 includes litter box cleaning, feeding, medicine administration and playing.                                 

Daily and Weekly rates are also available upon request for when you go away for an extended period of time. We will make sure to work with you and provide you with the most affordable rates in your area. Emergencies are considered, but not guaranteed. We will work with you to be able to provide you with the extra help you might need.

                                                                                     Pet Waste:
We are more than happy to clean after your pet . We provide backyard cleaning , waste disposal , cage cleaning, etc. 
                                All Rates are subject to change depeding on size of yard.

                                                                            1 Time Waste Removal $40

                                    1 Cleaning a Week $15.00 ( No matter the amount of dogs ) 

                                    2 Cleanings a Week $25.00 ( No matter the amount of dogs )

                                   Bi-Weekly Cleaning $ 40.00 ( No matter the amount of dogs)
In the event of inclement weather,We ask for an emergency contact name and phone number of a person . If we are unable to reach your home due to severe weather , having an emergency contact number can provide your pet with the care they need for the time being. Your pets' safety and wellbeing is our main concern . We will contact you in case of any event that would keep us from being able to provide our services.